Accommodation Settings

Accommodation Settings cover options such as surcharges, discounts, fill-ins, arrival times and more.

Click ‘Settings’

Click 'Settings'

Navigate to System > Setup > Settings

The accommodation surcharges option allows you to charge an extra percentage, on top of the already applied pricing if the guest only books for a single night.

A ‘fill-in’ is when only a single night is available to book, but the minimum number of nights that may be booked (set in Main Menu > Accommodation > Calendar), is greater than one. You may allow fill-in booking here.

If you have applied a single night surcharge in ‘Accommodation Surcharges’, you may wish for guests to receive the single night surcharge even if it is a fill-in booking. If this is the case, enable ‘fill-in’ surcharges.

There are two options for accommodation discounts:

  • You may choose to apply a discount (%) when a guest makes a booking for a specified number of nights. To do this, enter the number of nights that the guest must book for, and the discount to apply.
  • You may choose to apply a discount (%) when a guest books more than one room. If you wish to do this, enter the percentage discount in the ‘Group Discount’ field.

Here, you may set:

  • Arrival Time – The arrival time for the guests, in the format specified.
  • Days Displayed on Calendar – The number of days shown on your calendar in Main Menu > Accommodation > Calendar.
  • Maximum Booking Days – The maximum number of days that any guest may book for.

Click ‘Save’

Click 'Save'

To finalise your changes. click ‘Save’