Agent Setup
Netbookings allows businesses to use agents to make bookings on the behalf of guests.
Category: Agents

Netbookings help businesses to retain clientele by providing incentives through Memberships.
Category: Setup

Businesses can create discounts that can be applied by guests during the online booking process by entering a promotional code.
Category: Setup

Lists enable user-defined suggestions for various fields throughout the Netbookings system.If you wish to add bedding types to your accommodation business, you may add them here.
Category: Setup

Booking Restrictions
Netbookings provides options that allow you to place time restrictions on when guests and agents can make bookings.
Category: Setup

This menu allows you to automatically send emails to guests with reminders or followups.
Category: Setup

Bulk Letters
Bulk letters allows you to generate guest indemnity/sign in forms from a letter template.
Category: Database

You may enter your own shipping prices and labels for both your Online Shop and your Gift Certificates.
Category: Setup

Letter Templates
Letters templates are used to create a standard format for communications with your guests about details regarding their booking.
Category: Setup

Netbookings allows you to upload your custom images to appear on your online booking system.
Category: Setup