A tariff is a way for businesses to assign pricing on a day-to-day basis.
Category: Setup

The calendar setup allows you to assign tariffs and minimum number of nights to each day.
Category: Setup

Rooms are representations of accommodation available for booking.
Category: Setup

Pricing setup is used to assign a price to groups of rooms, tours and/or resources.
Category: Setup

Pricing Labels
Pricing labels allow businesses to assign descriptors for different people types such as adult, child or concession.
Category: Setup

Room Status
Set the Room Status of a room and view it under the Accommodation Calendar.

Bedding Types
Bedding types is an option that allows guests to choose the type of bedding that they would like in their room during the online booking process.
Category: Setup

Questions allow you to prompt guests for additional information during the booking process.
Category: Setup

Editing Staff Roles
Staff Roles can be edited to restrict or grant access to certain areas of Netbookings.

Letters allow communication with guests in regards to their booking details.
Category: Operations

Email Export
Within Netbookings, you can export all emails into a database.

Vouchers can also be redeemed by deducting a value from the voucher manually.

Staff Attention
Netbookings provides a way for staff to mark a booking in the backend so that they can be differentiated at a glance from the booking calendar.
Category: Advanced