Pricing setup is used to assign the price to groups of rooms and/or groups of tours and/or groups of resources.
Category: Setup

A tariff is a way for businesses to assign pricing on a day-to-day basis.
Category: Setup

The calendar setup allows you to assign tariffs and minimum number of nights to each day.
Category: Setup

Pricing Labels
Pricing labels allow businesses to assign descriptors for different people types.
Category: Setup

Rooms are representations of accommodation available for booking.
Category: Setup

Questions allow you to prompt guests for additional information during the booking process.
Category: Setup

Bedding Types
Bedding types is an option that allows guests to choose the type of bedding that they would like in their room during the online booking process.
Category: Setup

Letters allow communication with guests regarding details of their booking.
Category: Operations

Staff Attention
Netbookings provides a way for staff to mark a booking in the backend so that they can be differentiated at a glance from the booking calendar.
Category: Advanced