Businesses can create discounts that can be applied by guests during the online booking process by entering a promotional code.

Discounts can also be applied by staff in the booking screen or in the POS system.

Click ‘Discounts Setup’

Click 'Discounts Setup'

Navigate to System > Setup > Discounts Setup

Click ‘New’

Click 'New'


Enter Discount Details

Enter Discount Details

Enter a name for the discount. It will be displayed in the cart when a guest applies it online and in the back-end for staff to see.

To obtain the discount, the guest is required to enter the ‘Online Code’.

Promotion urgency option:
If you require guests to use the code in a specific period, set the ‘Valid from’ and ‘Valid to’ dates and optionally, hours.
Eg: To obtain this discount guests must apply this code at the checkout before 10pm tomorrow night.

Booking date restriction option:
Check in and check out must be between the dates specified.

Select the pricing(s) (pricing group(s)) that you would like this discount to be available in from the menu in the red box.

Note: The word ‘discount’ will automatically be appended to the discount name when it appears in the cart.

If you select a pricing from the ‘Available In’ menu, you may need to enter further details about your discount.

For example, if ‘Bathing’ were selected, the pricing labels that this discount could apply for must be selected.

The minimum and maximum entities fields allow you to restrict how many entities must be booked for the discount to be available. For example, if you wanted a discount to only be available for two adult for an early bird booking, both fields would be set to 2 and the ‘Adult’ box in ‘Bath House Early Bird’ would be selected.

Click ‘Save’

Click 'Save'




Your discount can be applied during the ‘Payment’ section of the online booking. The code for the discount must be applied in the ‘Promotional Code’ section as shown below.

This is an example of a discount called ‘Winter’ with an online code of ‘WinD’.