Display Categories

Products are placed under categories. Categories have hierarchy, meaning that there are parents and child categories. For example, you may have a parent category of ‘Food’ and a child category of ‘Hot Food’. You may have a hierarchy of up to 3 levels.

Note: Any products that you wish to sell online must be placed under the top-level category of ‘Retail’.

Click ‘Display Categories’

Click 'Display Categories'

Navigate to System > POS > Display Categories.

Click ‘New’

Click 'New'


Enter Category Details

Enter Category Details

The ‘Button text’ field is what will appear on the POS system to represent this category. You may also select a parent category if you wish to make this a child category. Then click ‘Save’.

You new category will now appear in the categories list.



This is an example of an online store that contains retail products.

If your category is placed under the top-level category of ‘Retail’ and has retail products assigned to it, the category will appear in the list in the red box.