Entry Limits

Entry limits define the maximum number of guests allowed entry at any timeslot on any day.

The number entered into each cell is the maximum that will be allowed entry in that timeslot. For example, if the 8:00 – 9:00 timeslot has the value 50 entered, only 50 people will able to enter from 8:00 until 9:00.

Consider the follow example:
The average duration of a visit is known to be 2 hours, and the business can only cater to 100 guests at a time. If all cells are set to 100, Netbookings will calculate how many guests are currently inside, and only allow entry accordingly.

So, if 100 guests enter in the earliest timeslot, Netbookings will not allow any more to enter until 2 hours has passed.

Duration of visit is set in the pricing setup. Read more about pricing setup here.

Note: Depending on your business, this may be referred to ‘Bathing Limits’ or ‘Entry Limits’. In this example, it will be called ‘Bathing Limits’.

Click ‘Bathing Limits’

Navigate to Main Menu > Spa > Bathing Limits.

Enter Values

Firstly, select an area that you are setting limits for using the dropdown to the right of ‘Next Month >’. In this example, we are setting the limits for ‘Bathouse’.

Enter values in a specific cell or enter the value in a row or column. Alternatively, all values can be set in the ‘Set All’ box.

Note: Maximum capacity is also set in the Pricing of the area.

Click ‘Update Limits’

In the example above, given the maximum capacity is 200, we can allow 100 in at 8:00 and 100 in at 9:00, then 50 per subsequent timeslot.

Save your changes by clicking ‘Update Limits’.