Making a Booking

Create a backpackers or a camping booking.

Click ‘Calendar’

Click 'Calendar'

Navigate to Main Menu > Calendar

Select a Date

Select a Date

Select a room, which in this case is ‘Camping’, and a date by clicking on the cell. Select the number of nights and guests from the drop-down menus.

Note: In this example, the ‘2/48’ in the selected cell tells users that 2 people are booked into this campground, and that there are 48 places remaining.

Click ‘Make Booking’

Click 'Make Booking'

Click ‘Assign Guest’

Click 'Assign Guest'

Search for your Guest

Search for your guest from the database, or create a new guest by filling out the guest’s details.

Select your Guest

Select your guest from the search results.

Click ‘Payment’

Click 'Payment'

Enter Payment Details

Enter Payment Details

Enter the details for the payment, including amount and type. Then, click ‘Make Payment’.

Your booking has now been made, including guest assignment and payment. A confirmation email will automatically be sent to the guest’s email address.