Redemption (Pay for Booking)

Vouchers in Netbookings hold an associated monetary value. They can be redeemed:

  1. Against an online booking. For example, a sailing boat tour or a 2 night stay. The value of the voucher can be deducted from the cost of the booking.
  2. By simply deducting a value from the voucher. This is the simplest way to use gift certificates. For manual deduction, check this link.

Navigate to Booking

Method 1. Navigate to Booking

Find the booking that you would like to redeem a gift certificate on.

Click ‘Payment’

Click 'Payment'


Click ‘Make Payment’

Click 'Make Payment'

Enter the amount and then select ‘Gift Certificate’ as your payment type.

Select the Gift Certificate

Select the Gift Certificate

You will now be prompted to select a gift certificate. You can search by gift number, expiry date or guest name. Click on the blue gift number to select the gift certificate.

The value of the gift voucher has now been redeemed as a payment method for this booking.