This menu allows you to automatically send emails to guests with reminders or followups.

Click ‘Settings’

Click 'Settings'

Navigate to System > Setup > Settings

Click ‘Reminders’

Click 'Reminders'

The value filled into the fields indicates the number of days before (reminders) or after (follow-ups).

You have 4 options for reminder emails:

  • Payment Reminder – Used to remind guests who have not yet paid in full.
  • Balance Due – Used to remind guests that their balance is now due.
  • Booking Reminder – Is used to remind guests that they have placed a booking.
  • SMS Reminder – An SMS is automatically sent reminding them that they have placed a booking. Your business will be billed if you choose to use of this service.

There are 2 options for follow up emails:

  • Follow Up – Used to send an email after the booking date of the guest.
  • Abandoned Cart – Used to send an email to a guest who has entered their details and added items to the cart, but has not proceeded with payment.

Select a Template

Select a Template

Select a template from the drop-down menu for each email. If you wish to create a template please see Letter Templates.

Click ‘Save’

Click 'Save'